remembering 9/11 on a plane

Held by Lauren Mitchell on US Airways flight 3382

Here is one of our memory cards early on in their development, shown flying high over the atlantic coast. Conversation and collective remembrance brought out by this little piece of paper, in this charged space was quite significant for myself and those seated next to me on US Airways flight 3382.

memory cards are lighting a nationwide constellation of remembrance


Beautiful!! “memory cards” are lighting a nationwide constellation when held up to the light! New York City, Asheville, Black Mountain, Charleston, Greenville… now off to Washington D.C., San Francisco and Portland! And in Texas a new fresh stash is being printed!! Then off to Boston and Tucson. Thanks to ALL of our ambassadors for sharing the cards and initiating moments of remembrance!

Let us know if you want to be an ambassador and disperse a memory, a light. If you would like to share 10 cards with 10 people and photograph them beautifully in one of the not yet represented states, send us a note

For more details about dispersed memorial, visit our dispersed memorial website.