a reminder to our ambassadors – upload your photos today

Thanks again for joining us in this collective memorial. We want to remind you that we want to get as many photos up before 9/11.  They will exist on our virtual memorial but we are also printing them for a physical exhibit in Asheville in North Carolina on Sunday. Please upload what you can today if you want your photo to be part of the exhibit opening and this date of remembrance on 9/11’s 10th year anniversary. The photos can continue to be uploaded after that as the memorial will continue to grow.

The uploading process is easy. Also, it is important if you join our dispersed memorial group on Panoramio as it will help us grow and get an official URL for the group. Here is the breakdown.

At the dispersed memorial site:

1) CLICK to join panoramio,  2) UPLOAD photos to your account, 3) MAP photos by geotagging them at the location where they were taken, 4) TITLE with the name of the person you shared the card with or with your name if there was no exchange, 5) CAPTION with a brief note about remembrance, 6) JOIN the dispersed memorial group * important, this will help us grow and get an official URL for the group, 7) CLICK to add photos to the dispersed memorial group

Go directly to Google Panoramio to sign in with your Gmail account

Thanks so much for contributing. The memorial exists because of each of YOU. – Martha