special thanks from the dispersed memorial team

Doug Hecker, Daniel Hutcherson, Martha Skinner, Lauren Mitchell

Thanks so much to all of you who made it to the exhibition/ remembrance at 5 walnut last night. It was beautiful! Photos will be posted later. Thanks also to all who contributed.


Wanda dye – Dallas, Texas / Dustin White – Texas / Catalina Gomez- Washington / Thea Lobo –  Boston, Tucson, New York/ Lance Lobo – Miami / Sarah Farwell – New York / Theresa Roach – Kansas / German Osorio – Tucson / Jonathan Jimenez – Kissimmee / Erik Stange – Amsterdam /Tien Eek Ng – Melburne, Australia / Wanda Dye – Dallas / Jule Tsai – San Francisco / Alan Yarborough – Clemson / Erin Cotter – Candler, NC / Kathy Stumpf – Asheville / Amy Mosquera – all over / Mary Koppenheffer /  Michael Silverman / Charles deVries / Gretchen Bailey – Tacoma, Washington / Halimeda Knight, Portland – Oregon / Virginia Black – Ann Arbor, Michigan / Sean McDonald – Venice, California / Fred Bryant – Bay View, Ohio / Shai Yesh – Carbondale, Illinois

“memory cards’ participants

Thea Lobo / unnamed woman travelling to NYC / Kaye Richardson / Pat Bjorhovde / Andres Felipe Avila / Jason Sandford / Parrish Benight / Christopher Whyrick / Corey Call / Robert Atkins / Lauren Mitchell / Mark Rosenstein / Martha Skinner / Macky Bah / Graham Hackett / Brooke Priddy / Ryan Conrad / Lance Lobo / Gabriel Shaffer / Juan Camilo Reyes / Santos GlocalSoul / Tyler Housholder / Magick Sean / Tara Meadows / Jess McCuan / Sarah Nie / Erica Bell / Jennifer Pickering / Sarah Southerland / Amy L. Neill / Timothy Jedele / Moto Lapin / G. Craig Hobbs / Jennifer MacDonald / Vanessa Bell / Leslie Klingner / Randy Shull / Cleaster Cotton / Molly Kummerle / Tammy Horn / Lynne Harty / Doug Hecker / Craig McAnsh / Nicole McConville / Sophia Hecker-Skinner  Jennifer Emerzian Snapp / Brian Miele / Marc Leverant / Kenny Snapp / Christina Breuer / Edward Perry / Mathieu Maisonneuve / Amélie Malissard / Derek Zachary Brown / Catalina Gomez / Anne Whitmire / Kathleen McMillian / Susan Hutcherson / Tim Hutcherson / Shannon Pruitt / Samuel Pruitt / Adam Hutcherson / Stephen Risse / Sharon Leppard / Michael Tilton / Anonymous stranger in the airplane / waitress / Matt McKillip / Anne Arntson / Lois Randal / Carmen Navarro

Exhibit Assistance

Vanessa Bell / SisterJ SpiritVoice / Jennifer MacDonald / Lynne Harty

Other Thanks

Tracey Schmidt Photography, Henco Reprographics, 5 Walnut Wine Bar

a reminder to our ambassadors – upload your photos today

Thanks again for joining us in this collective memorial. We want to remind you that we want to get as many photos up before 9/11.  They will exist on our virtual memorial but we are also printing them for a physical exhibit in Asheville in North Carolina on Sunday. Please upload what you can today if you want your photo to be part of the exhibit opening and this date of remembrance on 9/11’s 10th year anniversary. The photos can continue to be uploaded after that as the memorial will continue to grow.

The uploading process is easy. Also, it is important if you join our dispersed memorial group on Panoramio as it will help us grow and get an official URL for the group. Here is the breakdown.

At the dispersed memorial site:

1) CLICK to join panoramio,  2) UPLOAD photos to your account, 3) MAP photos by geotagging them at the location where they were taken, 4) TITLE with the name of the person you shared the card with or with your name if there was no exchange, 5) CAPTION with a brief note about remembrance, 6) JOIN the dispersed memorial group * important, this will help us grow and get an official URL for the group, 7) CLICK to add photos to the dispersed memorial group

Go directly to Google Panoramio to sign in with your Gmail account

Thanks so much for contributing. The memorial exists because of each of YOU. – Martha

memory cards are lighting a nationwide constellation of remembrance


Beautiful!! “memory cards” are lighting a nationwide constellation when held up to the light! New York City, Asheville, Black Mountain, Charleston, Greenville… now off to Washington D.C., San Francisco and Portland! And in Texas a new fresh stash is being printed!! Then off to Boston and Tucson. Thanks to ALL of our ambassadors for sharing the cards and initiating moments of remembrance!

Let us know if you want to be an ambassador and disperse a memory, a light. If you would like to share 10 cards with 10 people and photograph them beautifully in one of the not yet represented states, send us a note

For more details about dispersed memorial, visit our dispersed memorial website.

memory cards photos

There are more memory cards photos being uploaded to the blog from the past two months, so stay tuned to see this emerging memorial of images. If you want a set of cards to share, please visit our site’s participate page. We are dispersing the cards nationally as we would like for every state to be represented in this collective memorial. We still need representatives at the following states: • Alabama • Alaska • American Samoa • Arizona • Arkansas • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • District of Columbia • Georgia • Guam • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New Mexico • North Dakota • Northern Marianas Islands • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Puerto Rico • Rhode Island • South Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Virgin Islands • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming.

Please let us know if you want to be a memory card ambassador by requesting your memory cards today.