dispersed memorial exhibit opens tonight

Our goal has been to construct two conversing collective memorials, a virtual database of stories and images and the physical dispersed installation in the city. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the event, we invite you locally within Asheville to 5 Walnut or virtually from anywhere nationally or globally to our virtual memorial showcasing the project’s progress in dispersing ‘memory cards.’ at www.dispersed-memorial.net

For more information, to see the collective memorial emerging or to learn how to participate, please visit our dispersed memorial website at www.dispersed-memorial.net and our dispersed memorial blog at http://www.dispersed-memorial.net/blog/

remembering 9/11 on a plane

Held by Lauren Mitchell on US Airways flight 3382

Here is one of our memory cards early on in their development, shown flying high over the atlantic coast. Conversation and collective remembrance brought out by this little piece of paper, in this charged space was quite significant for myself and those seated next to me on US Airways flight 3382.