One year

One year ago, on 1/11/11, we announced dispersed memorial, phase II to the world, nine months prior to the 10th year anniversary of the 9/11 events. We embarked on preparations, team expanding, logistics… working on the steps towards realizing the original ‘dispersed memorial’ proposal. We want to create moments of remembrance in as many places in the city as there were victims, while also reconstructing the lost views of New York City’s skyline (for more on this, visit our dispersed memorial website). In the process, what was the ‘project card’ prompted exchanges which began to happen on all corners of our nation. As the cards were held up to the light, ‘dispersed memorial’ was revealed, and stories about that day were shared. We are touched that there was a story shared with each exchange.  Moments of remembrance have, and are still occurring across our nation.  Thanks to Dan for compiling these images! thanks to all of you who have initiated moments of remebrance. Let us know, if you would like a set of ‘memory cards’ to share, and disperse (find out how to participate).